Titan Customizer

Titan Customizer

Digital | Layout | Responsive | Sweepstakes


The challenge was to create a vehicle customizer that paired with Nissan’s Diehard App. This was a sweepstake’s to showcase and giveaway the new Titan. It needed to be a fully responsive website.

One of the challenges when developing the UI was working within the constraints of the school guidelines. Another major challenge was the navigation and creating something that easily allowed users to navigate to all the design points to be able to submit a fully customized truck.


I worked with creative, SEO, and Tech to develop a responsive framework that presented marketing information and content in a fun and natural way. We placed the marketing information on the loading screens after showcasing a part of the vehicle. It had a 63% conversion rate and 90,000 submissions. This experience drove users to other tools the learn more about the Titan.

I also helped the tech team develop a responsive and low maintenance content solution to manage the 100+ schools with all the content associated with each one.